Self Automated Vending Storefront for Businesses

Also called Mini Mart, Micro Mart, Grab and Go, and Nano Market, a Micro Market is a free-standing, self-service retail shop that offers a safe open environment with packaged fresh foods, specialty snacks,
drinks, and a host of other products displayed via coolers, open shelves or racks. It has widespread adoption in open workplaces, often replacing manual cafeterias as an increasing number of employees prefer pre-packaged food solutions as opposed to full-service cafeterias and self-serve buffets.

Employees served in 2018.

lbs of food distributed in 2018


Aimed towards employee motivation & retention efforts for ultimate business success

Why a Micro Market?

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Convenience Meets Quality

A micro market provides an unattended, in-office retail store, with self-checkout technology and cashless payment option. Micro markets transform your at-work experience into a one source solution where convenience meets quality. This is achieved with providing healthy and fresh food, convenient cuisine, specialty snacks, smart drinks, and even craft foods by local chefs. It is modern, risk-free, and app-based
tapping into the latest Covid-proof technologies.

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